People Are Cramming Entire Movies Into GIFs Now, And The Results Are Mesmerizing

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11.07.13 29 Comments
If you thought the Internet had already reached peak GIF-ification, you were way off. Because now people are cramming ENTIRE MOVIES into single, seizure-inducing GIFs.

Enterprising redditor matt01ss got the ball rolling when he christened the brand new subreddit /FullMovieGifs with a super fast, 10+ MB GIF of The Rock. Several more have since been added, including Skyfall, Top Gun, and Finding Nemo. And I can’t stop staring at them — The Shining is particularly mesmerizing.

Brace yourself for excessive neuronal activity and click through to see the best of the bunch. Due to the massive size of these things we’ve had to put them on individual pages. Here’s your index:

2The Shining (NSFW-ish)
3The Rock
4Finding Nemo
6Top Gun
10Fast & The Furious
11I Am Legend
12Bad Boys 2

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