The Most Successful People Definitely Take Twitter’s Sarcastic Advice About How To Be Successful


Are you the type of person who seeks to emulate the habits of highly effective people? Are you the type of person who wants to wedgie anyone who talks about “habits of highly effective people”? Either way, you can probably laugh at parodies of the lifestyle advice that makes the rounds on social media. One of the most recent parodies started when a guy who works with cryptocurrency posted an innocuous bit of advice:

Nothing about that is objectionable, per se. On the other hand, when a guy who works with cryptocurrencies posts successwin advice, it’s almost inevitably going to inspire sarcastic responses, like this one adding one more piece of advice: Don’t get into crypto.

And some were quick to point out there are plenty of people with those same good habits who don’t have a lot of money:

The original tweet went surprisingly viral, inspiring more advice across Twitter. Most of the responses kept things silly. It turns out the most successful people aren’t who you’d expect, and perhaps closer than you think.

Or perhaps the most successful people are, sadly, exactly who you’d expect.

The most successful people also know how to escalate things quickly.

The most successful people might seem very familiar to you, in fact.

Or the most successful people may have ways that seem strange to some, but they get things done.

The most successful people enjoy literary references and fruit that’s so sweet and so cold.

The most successful people may be exactly like us, just with, you know, way more money.

And last but not least, the most successful people are also determined to get songs stuck in your head all day: