An Article Shaming Young Adults’ DIY Skills Has Triggered The Obvious Jokes

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Millennials versus baby boomers. It’s a rivalry as old as, well, whenever boomers finally learned the word millennials and saddled that generation with the blame for killing every category of expensive goods because they can’t afford expensive goods. The news media loves reminding millennials that they should have more money and they could pull up those bootstraps if they just stopped buying avocados and added another side hustle to their side hustle.

The newest form of millennial-shaming reared its head last week via a New York Post article with the attention grabbing (and internet enraging) headline, “Millennial dads have pathetic DIY skills compared to baby boomers.”

Without even getting into the assumption that only dads can fix things, there’s plenty of reasons to laugh at this complaint. Over the weekend, people on Twitter had fun making parody versions of the tweet:

And many pointed out the obvious: DIY-ing a rental makes you lose your deposit:

Speaking of housing, what’s that guy in the stock photo doing, anyway?

People also pointed out that the technology inside a house can be DIY’d as well:

And sometimes other priorities win out:

Many made the fair point that DRM and planned obsolescence weren’t invented by millennials, but they sure are a strong disincentive to fixing things:

Did we mention yet that millennials just have less money?

And some people really went for the jugular: