Negan From ‘The Walking Dead’ Is A Playable Character In ‘Tekken 7’ And No One Saw It Coming


During last weekend’s EVO 2018, Namco Bandai held a presentation for their Tekken 7 game’s upcoming DLC, “Season Pass 2.” During the presentation, they announced some of the new season’s playable characters, including assassin Anna Williams (a returning character), supercop Lei Wulong (also a returning character), and… Negan from The Walking Dead? Hope you got your sh*ttin’ pants on.

Hot diggity dog. This news is magnificent. Now this is a crossover nobody saw coming. At first, people on Twitter were questioning reality:

But they quickly embraced the news and suggested even more crossover characters:

Other people looked forward to settling marijuana-hazed arguments in college dorm rooms everywhere:

It really is quite a time to be a gamer.

And some people pointed out that, as strange as this crossover seems, it would be silly to complain about Negan’s inclusion in a game where there are already weird cat women and an “actual factual panda”:

And others brought up old grudges about missing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters:

And a lot of the tweets about the announcement followed a similar flawed deductive reasoning format, but this one in particular was our favorite:

Meanwhile, some people couldn’t help but react to the news with sarcasm:

(Hat tip to Dorkly)