There’s A Campaign To Stop F*ckJerry, Of Fyre Festival Infamy, From Stealing Jokes


If you’re on Instagram, you’re probably familiar with F*ckJerry. The account has millions of followers and purports to “curate” humorous content, which many see as stealing jokes. As Vulture‘s Megh Wright wrote in a recent post, “The man behind F*ckJerry, Elliot Tebele, has managed to attain over 14 million Instagram followers by passing Twitter jokes and memes off as his own — the general style being screenshots with proper attribution (most commonly, Twitter usernames) conveniently cropped out.” The joke theft accusations are nothing new, but it’s taken on added significance since the account’s agency, Jerry Media, was also hired to promote — you guessed it — Fyre Festival.

Fyre Festival, a train-wreck among boondoggles, has led to lawsuits, imprisonment, blowjob memes, and Ja Rule testing whether all publicity is, indeed, good publicity. It was a social media influencer daydream turned nightmare, thanks largely to the efforts of Jerry Media, which promoted the event online (and then executive produced a Netflix documentary about said event, which resulted in some fine shade from Hulu). 

Wright is leading a campaign to spread the word about F*ckJerry’s extremely profitable manner of business. It’s working, too, with the likes of Patton Oswalt, Paul F. Tompkins, Eliza Skinner, Tim Heidecker, and Westworld‘s Jimmi Simpson boarding the #F*ckF*ckJerry train.

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Do it now please. They are thieves!

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When a Twitter follower asked why she’s spending energy on her noble anti-F*ckJerry crusade, Wright responded, “Because I care, because tons of comedians and artists care, and because it’s overdue.” 

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