The Fyre Festival Is A Reminder That You Should Curate Your Own Life

05.02.17 12 months ago 11 Comments


No event in history will ever be easier to laugh at than Fyre Fest in the Bahamas. It’s one big schadenfreude dream: Social media influencers, festival kids, tech bros, Ja Rule… what else could you possibly ask for? No parody could do it justice; the truth is far stranger than any fiction. Each new trickle of information — from Ja Rule’s NOT MY FAULT tweet to the leaked pitch deck for the Fyre App and Fyre Squad — is just too freaking rich.

This is clearly the event that comedians will focus on in ten years when VH1 does “Remember 2017?”, and that’s saying a lot in 2017. But when we’re done laughing (and it sounds like no one was seriously hurt so… game on) it’s worth discussing what a shitshow festival on a tropical island says about where our culture is headed. Because the whole story is emblematic of the times we live in: An age when hype has the ability to overpower even the simplest logic.

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