The Bamboozled Fyre Festival Attendees Will Receive A $2 Million Settlement In Their Class-Action Lawsuit

Almost four years to the date of the famous tropical debacle, Fyre Festival attendees who were suckered into a disastrous weekend have won their class-action lawsuit against organizers who promised them a luxury resort destination filled with music, but instead, delivered a garbage-strewn island where bands bailed after never being paid and ticket-holders were left to sleep in tents after being served a “gourmet meal” of a single cheese sandwich in a styrofoam container. While Ja Rule, who co-created the festival, was cleared in the lawsuit, other organizers will be forced to foot the reported $2 million settlement. Via Deadline:

The class-action settlement was reached between the festival’s organizers and 277 ticket holders. Each ticket holder will receive roughly $7,200, according to reports, but it is unclear who is paying the settlements. The final total has yet to be approved by the court.

While Ja Rule has escaped responsibility for bilking people into the doomed from the start event, creator Billy McFarland is currently serving a six year prison sentence for fraud. However, McFarland is still trying to tell his side of the story. Back in October 2020, he released a new podcast from jail titled “Dumpster Fyre,” which his lawyers claim landed him in solitary confinement for 90 days while the prison launched an investigation into McFarland allegedly publishing unauthorized photos from his cell.

As for Ja Rule, he’s helping Trevor DeHaas, the photographer of the infamous cheese sandwich pic, sell the photo as a NFT to cover DeHaas’ medical expenses as he awaits a kidney transplant.

(Via Deadline)