15 Last-Minute, Inexpensive Geeky Halloween Costume Ideas

“Help the Nazgûl” by burningdreams76

Earlier this month we put together collections of 40 pop culture costumes on a budget and 12 video game Halloween costumes for the lazy. But there were some geeky costumes we haven’t covered here yet, and one of these 15 costumes may be just the idea the procrastinators amongst you are seeking. We also recommend our geeky costume roundups from last Halloween, available here and here.

“How to quickly and cheaply make a great moving Rorschach mask with the use of dry-clear glue, a white t-shirt and heat sensitive thermal dust.” — Laughing Squid

This Sims costume would be more realistic if she were swimming in a pool with no ladders. [via]

“My boyfriend and I wanted to save $ and decided to wear kids costumes. I give you: Sexy Venom.” — lust333

The gray matter on this hat is made with inexpensive caulk. [via]

Never too early to start trick or treating [via]

Bat wings can be made from an old umbrella. [via]

Instructions at Lauren Conrad. [via]

[Krossbow via Treehugger]

Using a baby as a ventriloquist’s dummy is cheap. You can use the money saved for therapy later. [via]


Quick and cheap Storm Trooper costume [via]

“Need a kid’s Storm Trooper helmet? A plastic milk jug makes a surprisingly good shape to build on!” — MAKE