Video Has Emerged Of George Clooney’s Horrifying Scooter Crash In Italy

Following news of George Clooney’s Monday scooter crash on the island of Sardinia, Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera has published the scary video footage of the accident. The actor has been shooting the Hulu limited series Catch-22 on the island, and remarkably, he could resume filming soon, for he walked away from this crash with no broken bones and only minor injuries. Yet as one can see from the above video, Clooney’s scooter slammed into a dark-colored vehicle, and the impact sent him soaring high into the air.

TMZ is reporting that Clooney was actually tossed 20 feet above the ground, and he may have been traveling at 60 mph when the collision occurred. The outlet confirmed these details with the actor’s rep, and PEOPLE notes (via La Nuova, an Italian publication) that he sustained “a slight trauma to the pelvis and bruises to one leg and an arm.” As such, Clooney briefly visited a hospital and was later seen departing on foot with his wife, Amal, at his side.

Photos of the accident’s aftermath can be viewed at TMZ. Clearly, the scooter is now out of commission, and the accident could have been a deadly one, but amazingly, it appears that the 57-year-old Oscar winner is doing fine.

(Via Corriere Della Sera, TMZ, La Nuova & PEOPLE)