Was George Costanza The Worst Employee In TV History?

09.23.15 4 years ago 12 Comments

Despite George Costanza’s countless shortcomings and flaws as a human being, fans of Seinfeld tend to have fond memories of him. In fact, for the better part of a decade, he was America’s favorite short, stocky, slow-witted, bald man. Based on the show’s co-creator Larry David and played by Jason Alexander (who turns 56 today), the character was a walking contradiction, with bouts of self-loathing and overconfidence, oftentimes simultaneously.

Throughout the series’ nine-season run, which is now available for streaming on Hulu, Costanza had 11 different jobs, 12 if you count his assumed second stint as a sitcom writer for NBC in the finale. A majority of them were rather short-lived, such as the time he lucked into a hand-modeling job, or the time he was fired as a bra salesman while leaving the interview on the same day he was hired. But others, he was in it for the long haul.

One particular quirk of George’s employment on the show was that none of his jobs seemed to have anything to do with the previous one. From sales rep to bra salesman to parking attendant to assistant to the traveling secretary, you’d be hard-pressed to find any sort of commonality from one job to the next. In fact, the only thing they had in common with each other was that he was pretty much a nightmare employee in each and every one of them. And that is what made him George.

From his years as a real-estate agent at Rick Barr Properties, to whatever it is he did at Kruger Industrial Smoothing, here are all of George’s worst moments as an employee.

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