A Former George Santos Staffer Opened Up About His ‘Unmanageable Chaotic Behavior’ In A Brutal Op-Ed

If the antics of serial fabulist George Santos seem unbelievable, just imagine what it’s like to work for him. Now you can: As per The Daily Beast, a former staffer penned a brutal op-ed for The Hill in which she unloads about her experiences alongside someone who lied about his mom dying in the September 11 attacks, among other creatively bizarre acts.

In the piece, entitled “One thing George Santos couldn’t steal from me,” Naysa Woomer tells of initially being “attracted to his story of a moderate gay Republican winning over a blue district in New York.” So she went to work for him as his communications director. Alas, the “political gods” had “other ideas (and a sense of humor).”

Less than a fortnight after getting the gig, The New York Times dropped its first bombshell exposé of how Santos lied his way into a seat in the House of Representatives, which, she says, “inadvertently turned me into a highly visible — and highly ridiculed — Hill communications staffer.”

And so Woomer took on a “thankless job,” which she also called “arguably one of the toughest in D.C.” Among her duties, walking the halls with a lawmaker relentlessly hounded by reporters. She noted, “perhaps you’ve seen my resting b*** face.”

It sure doesn’t sound fun working for a guy who’s been accused of letting a dog die:

I had to handle an unprecedented crisis that made the typical political or corporate office look like a day at the beach. On the bright side, I learned to navigate through murky water while putting out day-to-day press releases, drafting talking points and messaging on upcoming legislation.

Woomer lasted five months, after which she “could no longer tolerate his lack of honor, office dysfunction and unmanageable chaotic behavior.” She added, “At the end of the day, I was willing to sacrifice a paycheck to walk away with my integrity.”

D.C. is filled with tough gigs, Woomer said. “I have held previous communications jobs that were a baptism by fire,” she wrote. “With apologies to Robert Oppenheimer, this was a baptism by atomic bomb.”

(Via The Hill and The Daily Beast)