Geraldo Rivera Came For Dan Bongino Over Israel And Palestine On Hannity’s Show: ‘Stop Attacking Me, Punk!’

Commentator Geraldo Rivera hasn’t been afraid to go against the Fox News grain these days. The tide really turned for him during the Big Lie, and he recently (and repeatedly) sparred with conservative radio host Dan Bongino over police brutality, and this week, he shared the same perspective as one of his enemies, John Oliver, who unabashedly accused Israel of “war crimes” against Palestinians.

Geraldo came very close to Oliver’s stance, at least on air. Late Tuesday afternoon, he spoke with Fox News host Martha MacCallum, he used the term “complicit” to describe the U.S. for providing Israel with bombs. He then doubled down on Twitter to say that the U.S. is “complicit in an ongoing crime against humanity” because the U.S. (“without even demanding a ceasefire”) is providing weapons to Israel. And Geraldo stressed, “20 times as many Palestinians are being killed than Israelis-including children.”

The former keeper of Al Capone’s empty vault then popped over to Sean Hannity’s program, where he sparred with the host and Dan Bongino. It got ugly, and as one might expect, Geraldo was on his own out there. Paper was thrown at the camera.

Geraldo began by discussing the death toll of Palestinians (including children) being far greater than that of Israelis, and Hannity pushed right back: “They’re the ones that fired first.” Geraldo then shouted, “There are dozens of Palestinian children dead!” And Hannity replied, “And whose fault is that?” Enter Bongino, who greeted Geraldo’s call for a ceasefire with an accusation that Geraldo’s simply dealing out “garbage” and “misinformation.” Then things got shouty before quickly devolving into crosstalk, where nothing could be accomplished. Before that happened, this did:

Geraldo: “Stop attacking me, punk! Address the issue! Do you have the guts to address the issue?” At around 1:45, Geraldo balled up a piece of paper and lobbed it toward the camera while ranting, “I’m sick of you! You’re a punk!” Geraldo then showed Bongino the back of his head before Hannity stepped in and ended the conversation. Given that few audible words were spoken during the clash, no one wins this argument, although it will undoubtedly continue.