‘Are You Sh*tting Me?’: Geraldo Rivera Has Had It With The ‘Lunatic Fringe’ That’s Supporting Trump’s Ongoing Attempt To Pull Off A Coup

Geraldo Rivera is still bringing it, days after he “dumped” his first snow-bound rant upon GOP “knuckleheads” who are still rooting for Trump as president, even though he lost the election. The electoral college sealed that deal last week, and Trump’s failing legal maneuvers continue to be unbelievably ridiculous and deluded. So, it’s looking increasingly likely that Trump could be dragged out of the White House on January 20, and Geraldo has had enough of the game. Geraldo was one of the first Fox News personalities to acknowledge Joe Biden (on-air) as the president-elect, and he cannot stomach how members of his party are still hanging onto an exploding train.

With that in mind, Geraldo’s got absolutely nothing to lose here with another snowy rant that aims to convince a few more Republicans put an end to Trump’s dangerous attempted coup, which has recently included talk him wanting the military to put martial law into place. To that end, he’s calling out the “lunatic fringe” that’s tweeting with a #CrossTheRubicon hashtag (referencing Julius Caesar fatefully crossing a river with his army) to beg Trump to essentially start a civil war. And Geraldo’s not having it.

“Are you sh*tting me?,” Rivera bluntly tweeted. “Time to stop playing around with the Constitution. Biden won. Trump lost. Stop acting like spoiled brats. Or worse, the lunatic fringe. Enough. Basta.” And he’s got another snowy speech, too.

In the video, Geraldo calls out the Texas GOP for their foot-shooting support of Trump with one of his (failed) Supreme Court bids to overturn the election. However, he’s even more alarmed by Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward’s appeal to Trump to “Cross the Rubicon,” which Geraldo dismisses as a “crude reference,” and he appears to suggest that these fringe Trump supporters cannot possibly appreciate the gravity of what they are rooting for. “This is absolutely lunatic fringe stuff,” Geraldo proclaimed.

Granted, Geraldo’s no longer afraid of offending Trump, who already won’t take his calls anymore after Geraldo adopted the (true) position that Trump lost the election. And Geraldo unloaded upon MAGA diehard Charlie Kirk on Fox News after Kirk wouldn’t accept Joe Biden sealing the Electoral College in victory. Man, if you’d have told me back in the Capone Vault days that Geraldo Rivera would stand as a voice of reason, I’d have laughed. But here we are. 2020, you’re a beast.