Geraldo Rivera And Dan Bongino’s Chaotic Confrontation On Police Brutality Managed To Make Sean Hannity Look Calm

Sean Hannity decided to cover police shooting and killing of Daunte Wright (age 20, in a Minneapolis suburb), in which officer Kim Potter reportedly meant to deploy her taser and then “accidentally” (according to Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon via ABC News) shot Wright. Thus far, this has led to multiple nights of civil unrest, and Hannity hosted a relevant discussion between Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera and conservative radio host Dan Bongino. Let’s just say that that thing got ugly between the two men. They had a shouting match for the ages while Hannity (in the end) ended up looking like the unlikely portrait of calm.

Given that Geraldo recently caused all hell to break loose when he asked a Black guest the last time he was in “the ghetto,” one might expect that he might still be on-edge, and yep, that’s the case. Via Mediaite (and before the below video begins), the segment began with Geraldo stating, “There’s a situation in this country now where I swear to God and I’m speaking with deep experience, too many Black mothers are more fearful of the police that they are of crooks when their sons go out. A 20-year-old should not end up dead because of an expired registration.”

Geraldo swiftly took offense when he believed that Bongino called him a “liberal,” and he began shouting, “Don’t start minimizing my experience!” The shouting commenced with Geraldo insisting that he’s an “expert witness” and Bongino responding that Geraldo’s got “no data” to back up his “dopey comments,” which he said will somehow make “the country will burn to the ground.” At a certain point, neither argument made much sense due to the level of emotion flying, and yeah, this was a mess.

Well, neither Bongino nor Geraldo ended up making their case on this segment. Around the 5:00 minute mark, Hannity finally had to step in while Geraldo was insisting, “I love cops! You try to make me the issue….” The host appeared to be the portrait of level-headed discourse: “Stop, Geraldo… very single human life human life from God is important, let’s all agree on the basics here.” And after this segment, he probably hit that vaping pen hard.

(Via Mediaite)