Geraldo Rivera Wasn’t Here For Jesse Watters Suggesting That Biden Only ‘Allegedly’ Broke An Election Record

Geraldo Rivera’s one of the only Fox News personalities these days who’s not diving into far-right territory. He’s not afraid to tell his fellow talking heads where he doesn’t agree, particularly when it comes to Tucker Carlson spreading anti-vaxxer misinformation. Recently, he went off on went off on “arrogant, selfish” antivaxxers, and he’s unafraid to say that he wants to kick them “in the ass” while also coming for Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld’s on The Five when they argue.

On Thursday afternoon, Jesse Watters slipped in a fast one and a twist on the Big Lie while declaring that Biden “allegedly got more votes than any other person in American history.” In response, Dana Perino signaled her agreement, yet Geraldo didn’t let it slip past him: “Why do you say allegedly?”

It’s worth noting that CBS News performed a fact check not too long ago to confirm that, yep, Joe Biden “[set] a new record with more than 81,284,000 vote” in 2020. That compares to Obama’s 69 million and Trump’s 74 million, even though Trump continues to bizarrely (and falsely) insist (with the occasional truthful slip-up) that the election was stolen from him.

With all of this said, it’s worth wondering how long Geraldo will hang at Fox News. He’s been there for decades, but then again, Chris Wallace (another rare independent thinker at the conservative news network) decided to head to CNN+ after an 18 year tenure. Or maybe Geraldo simply likes arguing with his co-workers, which seems awfully stressful.