Geraldo Shocks His Fox News Colleagues By Praising Joe Biden’s Press Conference: ‘A Fine Job’

While Fox News has spent a considerable amount of time criticizing President Joe Biden‘s press conference on Thursday and parroting Donald Trump’s “Sleepy Joe” insult from the campaign, Geraldo Rivera surprised the hosts of Fox & Friends when he actually went to bat for the president. Despite his highly publicized support for Trump’s re-election, Rivera immediately swatted down insinuations that Biden is too old for the job and has dementia. In fact, Rivera thought Biden did a fine job silencing his critics. Via Crooks and Liars:

“However, I must admit that he was not Joe Biden, the President of the United States, was not the pathetic senile incomprehensible old fool that some critics predicted he would be in an hour-long press conference,” Geraldo opined. “I thought he did a substantively fine job, he answered most of the questions.”

What made Rivera’s remarks even more jarring is that Fox & Friends had just spent an entire hour blasting Biden’s speech and playing a heavily edited montage of his occasional gaffes and slip-ups, which host Steve Doocy called “kind of hard to watch at times.”

Defying his Fox News colleague is starting to become a trend for Rivera. Following the January 6 attack on the Capitol building, he has been a vocal critic of Trump’s involvement in the insurrection and has even gone so far as to say that he deserved to be impeached. In a particularly pointed tweet, Rivera called Trump “an entitled frat boy” for failing to accept the election results. We’re guessing the two don’t have friendly phone calls anymore.

(Via Crooks and Liars, Mediaite)