Geraldo Rivera Praising The Release Of Bill Cosby Is Reminding People He’s Still Geraldo Rivera

Since November, Geraldo Rivera has become an unlikely hero, of sorts. Since the election the longtime Republican has consistently and energetically shut down untold wacko conspiracy theories. He’s pleased for sanity from his good friend Donald Trump and he’s squared off against the likes of Charlie Kirk and Don Bongino. But he’s still Geraldo Rivera, and people got a rude reminder of that when he cheered the prison release of Bill Cosby.

On an appearance on Fox News Wednesday, Rivera declared that Cosby’s conviction, awarded over three counts of aggravated indecent assault, “never should have happened.” After the conviction was overturned, sending him back out into the world as a free man, Rivera lamented that he spent any time in prison at all. “How is he going to get back the two years that he has lost now?”

America Reports host John Roberts asked Rivera about the 58 women who have accused Cosby of sexual misconduct, but Rivera claimed they should have reported him sooner.

“Our hearts go out to these victims — they should have gone to the prosecutor when their cases were ripe for justice,” he replied. “I am sorry they are not getting a sense of moral fulfillment now, or rehabilitation or repair, for the damage that this man probably did to them. But that’s not the way the criminal justice system works.”

Rivera also claimed Harvey Weinstein was “unjustly convicted.”

And so the tide turned back against Rivera. Some questioned his logic.

Others pointed out this isn’t the first time he’s sided with people who’ve been similarly accused.

Some were disappointed but not shocked.

There were also Al Capone vault jokes.

The next time Rivera decides to stand up against his party, people may remember who they’re dealing with.

(Via Yahoo!)