Geraldo Rivera ‘Dumps’ A Snow-Bound Rant Upon The GOP ‘Knuckleheads’ Who Still Won’t Accept Election Results

With Trump reportedly deciding he might need to be dragged out of the White House on January 20, Geraldo Rivera is appealing to stubborn GOP members to let it all go. Yes, Geraldo doesn’t have much to lose here. He already revealed that Trump is very mad at him and won’t take his calls anymore after Geraldo adopted the (true) position that Trump lost the election. And Geraldo unloaded upon MAGA diehard Charlie Kirk on Fox News after Kirk wouldn’t accept Joe Biden sealing the Electoral College in victory.

Well, Geraldo decided (for whatever reason) to take his next rant into the snowy streets of Cleveland, where “They expect to get a real dump.” Whether or not he used this word to troll Trump’s (false) claim of “massive dumps” costing him the election, we may never know (but I can hope). Here is part of Geraldo’s missive to GOP members who insist upon remaining deluded, and in short, he doesn’t simply accuse of them of wanting to take down democracy but of chipping away at the republic:

“Those people who continue to promote some fantastic legislative or judicial or constitutional, you know, magic wand that’s going to save the Trump presidency: You are wrong. You are misleading the American people. You are tearing at the fabric of the American republic…. Some of the nonsense I’m hearing is just beyond the pale. So let’s stop that, let’s get it together, let’s remember we’re one country.”

Quoting Kenny Rogers is such a Geraldo move, and maybe it’ll convince 2-3 MAGA devotees (anything would help in our divisive country). Granted, Geraldo having quite a time lately. Recently, he ridiculously suggested that a COVID-19 vaccine should be named after Trump, which caused plenty of laughter, but he’s working on making up for that blunder. No word yet on whether he’ll ever make up for giving away those U.S. troop coordinates in Iraq.