Geraldo Rivera Continues To Turn On His Pal Trump, Blasting His Post Election Behavior As That Of ‘An Entitled Frat Boy’

Donald Trump lost the presidential election to Joe Biden in November, but his insistence of claiming baseless fraud and other wild accusations that can somehow undo that fact seems to be finally costing him some very close allies. The latest of which is Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera, who on Saturday night unloaded on Trump on Twitter.

Rivera has not held back from criticizing Trump in the past, at least since it became clear that Trump had lost to Joe Biden. He declared on the network he’s sick of the “lunatic fringe” that still believes Trump can somehow still remain president. And he’s called Trump’s rhetoric before and after the election about the safety of voting in America “reckless and irresponsible.” But on Saturday, it seemed Rivera had finally had it.

Rivera bemoaned that he’s had to defend Trump from “lefty creeps” over the years as he attempted to govern, but on Sunday he announced that he’s “behaved like an entitled frat boy” since losing the election in November.

He also saved some special ire for Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, who has also paraded around baseless election accusations and promised Trump can overturn millions of votes and stay president.

Rivera probably won’t be enough to get through to Trump, who just may go on pretending to still be president even after Biden is sworn in. But it certainly is interesting to see former Trump supporters hit their breaking point with the president as he continues to rage against the dying light of his time in office.