Geraldo Went HAM On The Unvaccinated Again, Saying He’d Kick Them ‘In The Ass’ If They ‘Come Into My Grandchildren’s House’

Geraldo Rivera’s been on quite a pro-vaccine tear lately as the Delta variant heats up, and fellow Fox News talking head Tucker Carlson continues to spread anti-vaxxer misinformation. And Geraldo means business, too, while appearing unafraid of offending his colleagues. Earlier this week, he went off on “arrogant, selfish” unvaccinated Americans while supporting banning them from public spaces, and on Wednesday’s edition of The Five, he got in Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld’s faces as the trio squared off on the issue.

Geraldo began by echoing his stance that not vaccinating against Covid-19 is “an arrogant, selfish, reckless act.” He added that this is “caveman stuff,” which Watters didn’t agree with, and Greg Gutfeld countered with a lecture about how calling people names won’t change anyone’s mind. Well, this didn’t calm Geraldo down, and things grew explosive.

Via Mediaite, here’s what else went down:

“You come into my grandchildren’s house and you’re not vaccinated,” replied Rivera, “I’m gonna kick you in the ass.”

“It’s your house,” said Gutfeld. “Don’t let ’em in.”

From there, a circular argument began, and Gutfeld eventually tried to rope in an anti-immigration stance by pointing out that many undocumented immigrants aren’t vaccinated. That didn’t go over splendidly with Geraldo, and Gutfeld accused him of “try[ing] to crap on Americans because it makes you feel good.” He then added that he doesn’t want to go to Geraldo’s house, so there. And Geraldo responded, “I’m not going to invite you.”

Well, at least Rivera and Gutfeld agree on something.

(Via Mediaite)