The GOP Twitter Account Tried To Attack Kamala Harris For Buying Pricey Cookware ‘While Americans’ Suffer, But People Reminded Them That Trump Golfs Too Much

The GOP have been trying to paint Democrats as the party against the working class, and for good reason: They’re the ones opposing legislation that could make everyday Americans’ lives better, but they still want their votes. The result has been some very amusing cases of cognitive dissonance.So you get Eric Trump cluelessly slamming Joe Biden for spending time away from the White House, or Rick Scott complaining about spending while being cool with tax cuts on the rich. And you get the GOP’s official Twitter account trying to slam Kamala Harris and only getting owned.

Late Friday, the account came for the Vice President, who last week went to France on a diplomatic trip. As per The Washington Free Beacon, Harris took some time to visit a Parisian boutique shop and reportedly dropped hundreds on cookware.

“While Americans are struggling to pay more than EVER for the holidays, Kamala Harris is out buying a $375 pot,” the GOP tweeted while sharing the article.

Evidently Harris’ lavish spending — from her personal cash, mind you — offended party of millionaires, whose ex-president leader owns a gold toilet. And people on social media were quick to point out the hypocrisy of the GOP complaining about throwing money around.

Donald Trump received the brunt of the mockery. Many dwelled on all the golf trips he took on the taxpayers’ dime.

Or his legal bills.

Or his many, many other extravagances.

Some put their blame on the Republican party in general, who didn’t think much about struggling everyday Americans when they signed tax cuts for the unimaginably rich in 2017.

And others pointed out that the GOP is almost uniformly against the Build Back Better plan, which aims to improve the lives of average Americans.