Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Is Whining About Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Taking Away Texans’ ‘Right To Choose’ And Getting Rightfully Roasted For It

Texas Governor Greg Abbott isn’t a complicated man. He’s just your garden variety sexist Republican lawmaker who has gone mad with power and decided that he has the power, and the right, to say what millions of women he neither knows nor cares about do with their bodies. But who knew he was such a fan or irony?

Less than a month after testing positive for COVID-19 while in the midst of banning mask mandates… which would help ensure that more people don’t test positive for COVID-19, the wily governor is showing his ironic side yet again. On Thursday evening, he made it known that he is no fan of President Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandates, and even went so far as to argue that the rules the prez has set forth violate Texans’—gulp!—“right to choose.”

That’s right: Abbott, the man behind Texas’ controversial abortion ban, which goes against federal law and a landmark Supreme Court decision that was made nearly half-a-century ago that ensures women the right to choose whether to carry a pregnancy to term, is complaining about Biden taking away people’s right to choose… It didn’t take long for people to start piling on.

First up was Minnesota rep. Ilhan Omar, who just flat-out dubbed him a hypocrite:

Others were simply stunned that “The man who would force teens to have a kid from rape has the nerve to say RIGHT TO CHOOSE.”

Paul Begala, former counsel to President Bill Clinton, trolled Abbott with the idea of “my body, my choice.”

Still, others were more dumbfounded by Abbott’s “power grab” accusations.

Many acknowledged that Abbott’s statement marked the official time of death of irony.

And as for actor/activist Patricia Arquette? She thinks that instead of filing executive orders to exempt his state from the president’s vaccine mandates, Abbott should be more worried about the state’s many untested rape kits so that he can actually make good on his ridiculous promise to “eliminate” rape from the state.