Oh No, Greg Gutfled Says Everyone At Fox News Needs To Leave New York City Over Trump’s Fraud Fine

New York City may be the greatest metropolis in America, but to some it recently did a bad bad thing. On Friday, a Manhattan judge ordered Donald Trump to pay the whopping sum of $354.8 million (plus interest) after being found liable of fraud. There’s already been talk of a backlash by truckers who’d refuse to delivery goods to Trump’s hometown (though so far that one hasn’t materialized). Now it seems like — dry your eyes — Fox News could be driven down south.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Five, Greg Gutfeld went off on a semi-comprehensible rant against state Attorney General Letitia James, who said the money would be “paid to New Yorkers.” “What does she mean by that?” he scoffed, which fair enough. (Though presumably she meant that would go into the city’s budget, which could help those school programs and libraries whose budgets were slashed by Mayor Eric Adams.)

There was more in Gutfeld’s soliloquy, but the most sense he made was when he threatened to skip town:

“This is why we all need to move to Florida, Fox, because I never thought that my politics and political choices would affect my privacy, my speech, and my livelihood, but that’s how it is these days. They’re gonna do what they did to Trump, they’re gonna do to you and me, and how soon before I get arrested for public indecency? And this time, I will be innocent.”

This is a common line about Trump’s various alleged crimes, this “if they can do it to him, they can do it to me” canard. As always, the only response is: What are you talking about? Almost none of Trump’s supporters have done anything like what he’s done, in this case lying about his fortunes to get better loans. Or mishandling classified government documents. Or helping foment a failed insurrection. Not even Fox News’ late night comedy king has done any of these things, so he’s fine.

During his monologue, Gutfeld also claimed Trump was “below the law,” not “above” it, as his detractors keep reminding us. Not sure what that one means. Ditto the claim that Trump is “100% innocent in this,” which apparently not.

So, New Yorkers, make sure you enjoy Fox News HQ on Sixth Avenue while they’re there. Should they pack up and leave for a permanent home at Mar-a-Lago, they’ll leave behind so many memories, like that time someone torched their Christmas tree.

(Via Mediaite)