Greta Thunberg Waited Nearly A Year To Troll Donald Trump With A Request That He ‘Chill’ Out Over Voting Results

Greta Thunberg may only be 17 years old, but it turns out that she has a long memory and isn’t afraid to bring up the past when it comes to roasting Donald Trump. The environmental activist is often the target of climate change deniers and others on Twitter, including the current president of the United States. But with Trump currently melting down on the social media platform over the continued effort to tally election results in various counties, Thunberg made waves when she parroted a tweet with a message that Trump once sent out criticizing the teenager back in 2019.

As Trump’s early leads in Georgia and Pennsylvania continued to dwindle on Thursday, he tweeted several misleading things about voter fraud and demanded that counting votes stop in the United States. Given the state of races in Arizona and Nevada, however, a full stop of counting legally cast votes would still be enough for Joe Biden to win the electoral votes necessary to keep Trump from a second turn. Which perhaps is why Thunberg tweeted that Trump should “chill” and work on his “anger management.”

The tweet itself was funny, mostly because the concept of going to “a good old fashioned movie with a friend” is a very funny turn of phrase. But eagle-eyed internet denizens realized that Thunberg was actually mirroring something Trump had tweeted about her a year earlier. A quick Twitter search found an exact same text of a tweet, right down to the “so ridiculous” at the start.

Waiting nearly a year to dunk on Trump when he’s most vulnerable is a pretty savvy move from Thunberg, who is no stranger to giving criticism right back to Trump when she gets it. This wasn’t even the first time she shot back over this exact tweet, but she picked as good a time as any to break out the request for Trump to “chill.”