Fans Are Turning On Gritty Hard After He Sent An Evidently Flirty Tweet To Kim Kardashian

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The strange appeal of the Philadelphia Flyers mascot “Gritty,” who was first introduced last September, extends far beyond hockey. Although the big orange, seven-foot-tall crazy-eyed monster was initially mocked and reviled, the city — and, eventually the world — quickly came around to the puzzling beast. People who had never watched a single game of hockey in their lives embraced Gritty as an antifa champion of the people, an LQBTQ icon, and so on and so forth.

In other words, those who love Gritty do not tend to be the types of people who closely follow the goings-on of the Kardashians, and a Venn diagram of Gritty die-hards and Kardashian fans may be two circles that don’t even touch. So when Gritty sent a flattering reply to one of Kim Kardashian’s tweets, people were not amused.

Kardashian, who has gotten into criminal justice activism over the past year or two, is currently on a four year path to becoming a lawyer — despite the fact that she has not attended law school. She detailed her plan in a recent Instagram post explaining that she is required to take written and multiple choice tests monthly to achieve her goal.

“Aced my test btw,” she tweeted on Wednesday, to which Gritty replied, “beauty & brains,” adding a smiling face with three hearts emoji.

So predictably, there were jokes and remarks lobbed at Gritty and Kardashian’s expense, and some of them were brutal:

But then others tweeted at Gritty respecting his game:

It’s probably too soon to call whether Gritty deserves to be canceled over the indiscretion, but let’s just say for now he’s skating on thin ice. (Oh yeah I did.)