What Are All The Real-Life Events Referenced In The ‘GTA 6’ Trailer?

With the arrival of the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, fans of the franchise have been poring over details of every frame looking for clues to the gameplay and story for the highly anticipated installment that, unfortunately, won’t be arriving until 2025. (PC players are in for an even longer wait.)

This time around, the series returns to Vice City, the fictional locale that takes its cues from Miami. However, gamers are discovering that GTA VI appears to aping real-life events that only the state of Florida can produce. Naturally, those events are gator-based, but there’s some other Floridian shenanigans thrown in for good measure.

Via IGN:

The trailer contains multiple shots of alligators sniffing around buildings, as we often see them do in real-life Florida. Other shots look inspired by local news broadcasts that reported on the weird and wonderful goings on in the state.

The shot of the naked man watering his garden looks like a riff on 2018 news reports about a Florida man who did yard work naked. And yes, the clip of the woman twerking on top of a moving car seems similarly inspired by real-world events.

The tweet below from Central Gaming Hub has a screen-by-screen breakdown of the confirmed news events that GTA VI will make liberal use of in the game, and accordingly, there’s going to be a lot of thong-based humor. We fully expect more real-life headlines to work there way into the sixth installment:

Grand Theft Auto VI arrives on PlayStation 5 and XBox Series X some time in 2025.