Yo, Check Out This Hamster Experiencing A Very Dramatic Nap Attack

Important life fact: Of all the rodents in the animal kingdom, the hamster is the cutest. In fact, it ties for No. 1 on the cuteness chart with guinea pigs (which are very adorable, but less intelligent and destructive).

Another important life fact: There is nothing cuter than an animal that’s already at the top of its cuteness game falling asleep. Especially when it’s incredibly dramatic and the animal (in this case, the hamster above) just topples over into a nap. “Hey,” you think as you watch the hamster snooze, “that hamster is just like me after a couple of shots of tequila!”

Whether you agree with the facts above or not—and you should, they are, after all facts—you have to admit that this video of a hamster falling asleep is pretty dope. Yeah, it’s only about a few seconds long, but that should just motivate you to loop it and watch it over and over. Love you, tiny dwarf hamster. You’re our new nap-time idol!