Halloween Queen Heidi Klum Wants This Year’s Costume To Be ‘Really Extra’

Whether she’s dressing up as a worm, Fiona from Shrek, or a flesh-eating alien, Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween. But with great costumes comes great responsibility, and the model is feeling it this year.

“It’s going to be extra. It’s going to be really extra. I have had sleepless nights over it, you know me,” Klum told the Daily Mail about her 2023 Halloween costume. “I have to admit, I love it. And then my gut, I feel like it’s going to be good.” She also discussed her worm costume from last year.

The America’s Got Talent judge went on to describe how her “team” had expressed more-than-mild ambivalence about the notion of her doing a “worm” costume. “They were like, ‘A worm, really?’ They kind of wanted me to think of a plan B and a plan C, but I’m not like that. For me, it is plan A,” Heidi insisted.

Klum continued, “If you are thinking of all different other things, then it’s not going to be a success or it’s not going to be that major.” Her team told her, “Think of something different. This is crazy. And the worm is crazy,” but in a world full of Barbie and Ken costumes, sometimes it’s best to be a worm.

(Via the Daily Mail)