Here Are 5 Undeniable Reasons Everyone Should Love Judy Greer

Judy Greer is currently in the middle of a whirlwind of importance: she did a pretty big movie, has a TV show premiering tomorrow, and not least of all just participated in an UPROXX 20. She even has a birthday coming up! Feels like the time to remind everyone of all the things Judy has been up to recently and why they should love her…

She’ll Always Be Our Kitty Sanchez

Thanks to Netflix, we got another season of Arrested Development, which meant we got to say hello to Kitty Sanchez again.

She Can Adapt To Any Situation

My personal favorite role from Greer is that of Carol/Cheryl Tunt from Archer. This past season season the millionaire arsonist shifted gears as she decided to top the country music charts as Cherlene. Judy didn’t miss a beat.

She’s Multi-talented

On top of all her acting roles, Judy also released a book, I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star. The collection of essays range from stories of people not knowing where they recognize Judy from to peeing next to J-Lo.

She Takes Requests

You may know that Greer applied balls to the face with Andy Serkis to portray an ape in Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. Did you know that one of the chief reasons is her husband? From her episode of WTF:

It started with my husband, and I did for him and now I’m like super into it.


I did the movie for him cause he loves more than anything Planet Of The Apes and he was like “Oh my God,” after he saw Rise he was like “Oh my God, what if you can be an ape in the next one? What if you can play an ape?” And I was like “I’ll play an ape.”

She’s The Best Part Of Those Sprint Framily Ads

We tend to enjoy Judy’s more over the top roles. However, her level-headed approach is easily the best part of those ridiculous Sprint ads. I feel like her character is the only one who wants to focus on ways to save money on the cell phone bill.