Here’s Jay Leno Talking Comedy, Cars, And The Mob With Jerry Seinfeld

Everybody’s got an opinion about Jay Leno, even someone like me who hasn’t watched the Tonight Show even once (though Jimmy Fallon might change that.) I wouldn’t usually spend almost half an hour listening to him talk, but there is something sort of inherently charming about a couple of guys who have been doing the same thing for 35 years, together, talking about comedy (in a car, while getting coffee.) Not to mention there’s nothing that screams “middle-aged man” as much as having to go into the back and watch how the coffee is made while talking to the employees. They’re practically a still life of old men playing chess in a park.

Plus, if you can stick out the daunting 22 minute run to the end, the conversation takes a turn for the fascinating when Leno describes being invited to a mob-run church fundraiser by Frank Sinatra, which is definitely worth a watch.

[Via Cracked on Youtube]