Holly Robinson Peete Has Confirmed The Longstanding Rumors About Trump Calling Her The ‘N-Word’ On The Set Of ‘The Apprentice’

For years, there have been rumors that Donald Trump used racial slurs, specifically the N-word, during his time on The Celebrity Apprentice, and now, Holly Robinson Peete has confirmed that she was the target of those slurs. While appearing on SiriusXM’s The Karen Hunter Show on Tuesday, Peete recalled how the current president bristled at the idea of her winning the season three finale of the hit NBC reality show.

According to Peete, Trump argued with producers that he wanted Bret Michaels to win, which ultimately happened, but not before using the N-word in reference to the former 21 Jump Street star. Via The Daily Beast:

“Shortly after the finale, rumors started going around that he had tossed out an ‘N-word’ referring to me,” she continued. “When the producer told me when it happened, during the finale, I remember the moment. I wasn’t in earshot, but I could see them deciding between me and Bret Michaels.”

She recalled seeing Trump “talking with producers and they’re really animated and that was when I heard that he said, ‘They want the ‘N-word’ to win.’ Because I guess the network wanted me to win or me to be chosen and Trump wanted Bret.”

As for why Peete waited until now to confirm the longstanding rumor, she said that felt it wouldn’t have changed America’s perception of Trump. “People have accepted the things that he said that are so vile about so many other people, what difference is it going to make if he said that about me?” she explained.

(Via The Karen Hunter Show & The Daily Beast)