This Honest Trailer Is The Only Thing About ‘Dark Souls’ We Don’t Want To Rage-Quit

Are you sick of AAA games that hold your hand and make things easy? Then you might like — or just develop Stockholm Syndrome for — Dark Souls, “the AAA version of Cat Mario“. The newest Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies and Smosh Games returns to “gaming’s frustrating, rage-inducing roots” with Dark Souls, an RPG that is “challenging in the same way breaking bricks with your flaccid penis is challenging.”

Sounds about right.

Seriously though, this game was so frustrating, and not just for the thinkpieces taking it way too seriously. Maybe if we had a Werner Herzog narration it would be more tolerable to experience the nearly improbable frequency of diabolical brutishness in this march to an inescapable end. But perhaps I’m being too harsh. It’s been awhile. I’ll give it another look…

*37 seconds later*


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Via Smosh Games