This Houdini Honey Badger Can’t Be Contained, Might Be Right Behind You

We already know the honey badger doesn’t care according to a viral video narrated by Randall of Randall’s Wild Wild World Of Animals. But did you know honey badgers are also clever little escape artists? This dash cunning honey badger is named Stoffel, and he sometimes lives at the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa. We say sometimes because — much like the Joker in Arkham Asylum — he can leave whenever he wants.

Even though Stoffel was raised in captivity and can’t live in the wild, that doesn’t stop this fearless honey badger (pardon the redundancy) from getting out of his enclosure and picking fights with the lions at the wildlife center. Yes, these footlong wee bastards will pick fights with lions. Honey badger ain’t care. Possibly because their skin is “tough enough to resist several machete blows”.

In the clip below, from BBC2’s Natural World, we see the numerous ways Stoffel has outwitted his captors.

They thought he would chill out if they brought in a female honey badger. It turns out, she loves escaping, too, and she knows how to climb a fence and open a somewhat complicated lock.

Clever girl.

Then they moved both Houdini honey badgers into “honey badger Alcatraz”, an enclosure with thick walls. Pretty soon Stoffel found things to use as an ersatz ladder.

They took out the tree branches; he used rocks. They took out the rocks; he used a rake left behind by a staff member. When they thought there was nothing left, he rolled mud into the corner and climbed up that. Honey badgers don’t give a sh*t about these walls, and our day is more entertaining because of it.

And while we’re at it, here’s the original honey badger not giving a sh*t. (NSFW audio)

Via Neatorama