How Much Will The iPhone 15 Phones Cost?

As summer winds down and fall begins, there are a few things we can always count on. One is that Starbucks will bring back Pumpkin Spice Lattes much too early and that CVS will have all of the Halloween decorations out by the last day of August. But one (more expensive) guarantee is that Apple will release something in September that they will convince you you need to buy. Last year, a lot of people did not.

But with autumn comes a new iPhone release, and the iPhone 15 is coming in right on time on September 15th (for pre-orders). According to Forbes, the upcoming series is expected to start at $799, and it only goes up from there.

iPhone 15 Plus will start at $899, while the iPhone 15 Pro starts at $1,099, and finally, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will begin at $1,299, roughly the cost of 13 Gen 1 iPod Shuffles. Those were the days!

While the prices have not yet been confirmed, Bloomberg confirmed that Apple is expected to raise iPhone prices, so it’s likely they will be in that range. Along with the prince changes, the new phones will have an updated camera while introducing a USB-C charging port, so you will need to find a way to organize even more cables in your life. Good luck!

(Via Forbes)