Howard Stern Predicts Trump’s TV Network For His ‘F*cking Loony Hillbilly’ Supporters Will Fail Miserably, Just Like His Other Businesses

And so it begins. Or continues. Whatever time is just a flat circle and it’s practically incalculable when the president of the United States keeps retweeting baseless conspiracy theories and voter fraud allegations while also maybe hyping his next business venture.

We’re well past the point when world leaders and high-ranking members of Congress have congratulated President-elect Joe Biden on winning the 2020 presidential election by what turned out to be a big margin. Biden easily defeated President Trump in the electoral college and outpaced him by an even larger margin in the popular vote. Still, Trump seems content to drag out the proceedings, refusing to facilitate a smooth transition and stirring up his supporters with unsupported claims of voter fraud. Tensions have risen so high that Trump is now attacking Fox News, who have quietly distanced themselves from the president’s latest play for power as his campaign has all but exhausted their legal appeals.

Trump encouraged his followers on Twitter to trade in his once-favorite conservative channel for obscure news network One America News (OANN).

And while it’s laughable that Trump is giving his Fox News groupies the silent treatment and publicly tweeting his support for a little-known channel whose major claim to fame is their willingness to give air-time to QAnon theories and other fringe groups, Howard Stern had a rather sobering warning for the guy who once came onto his show to make sexual advances on his own daughter.

Stern addressed the election madness on his program Monday, referencing the tweet and predicting it might be Trump’s way of hinting at his plans to launch his own news network once his presidency officially ends. Though Stern admitted to not being familiar with OANN, he cited reports he’d read about Trump’s after-office plans before unloading on the president’s failed business track-record and his inability to run anything, let alone a news network.

“He thinks running the country is hard, wait ‘til he has to run a news network,” Stern said. “That’ll fail inside of a year like all the other businesses. This is just insanity what’s going on.”

Stern also had some choice words for Trump regarding his post-election sh*t-stirring which has resulted in thousands of his followers claiming Biden’s win was “stolen” and even more attending a protest in D.C. this weekend where alt-right groups like The Proud Boys and conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones marched in Trump’s name.

“For once do something good for the country, calm down your f***ing loony hillbilly friends and tell them you lost the election and you’re going to help the transition,” Stern begged. “These loonies who follow you are all worked up; they think something was taken from them.”