Hunter S. Thompson Bought Drugs Like A Boss, Tequila Cat, And Links

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Actual Headline: Gwyneth Paltrow Saved a Life on September 11th |UPROXX|

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And You Guys Thought Kate Upton Was Fat |WithLeather|

Meme Watch: Misunderstood D-Bags |UPROXX|

Say It Loud! Top 5 Pro-Black Albums |TSS|

The Dugout: Thome at 600 |WithLeather|

Suge Knight Disses Diddy . . . in 2011 |TSS|

Kate Beckinsale Is Naked Sorta! |FilmDrunk|

Superhero Sex Moves |CollegeHumor|

The Best Sunglasses Under $100 |AskMen|

Emo Mattress Can’t Catch A Break |I-Am-Bored|

Hottest New Action Stars of 2011 |Moviefone|

The 30 Harshest Musician on Musician Insults |FARK|

Seth Green Loves NASA, Indifferent to Tang |AdultSwim|

89 Things I Learned at the Gathering of the Juggalos |Buzzfeed|

17 Promising Actors Who Never Lived Up to Their Potential |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: Cat versus Toaster. Who will carry the day? |via TastefullyOffensive|

[Pictures via Buzzfeed and TheClearlyDope]

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