Ice-T Took Credit For The ‘Earthquake’ Everyone Felt This Morning Because… A Man Has Needs, You Know?

On Friday morning, residents of New York City, New Jersey, and Philadelphia were rocked by what authorities are calling an earthquake. It’s a rarity for that part of the country with the most notable occurrence happening all the way back in 2011.

However, Ice-T has come since forward to apologize for all the rumbling and shaking, and he offered a scientific explanation of his own: He was getting freaky with his wife Coco Austin, and he’s real sorry about all the commotion.

“ATTENTION. That was Not an Earthquake in NJ,” Ice-T tweeted in an address to the nation. “I just like to get a little Morning Sex now and then… Everyone relax and get back to normal. My fault.”

Despite Ice-T taking full, and entirely plausible, responsibility for Friday’s seismic activity, government officials are still crediting the event to a sizable quake based in the Garden State.

Via NBC News:

The USGS measured the quake as a 4.8 temblor with its epicenter near Lebanon, New Jersey. It struck a little before 10:30 a.m. ET. The earthquake was the strongest recorded in the Northeast in more than a decade, according to USGS records.

There were no immediate reports of major destruction or any fatalities. Local and regional officials from cities in the earthquake zone said inspections had been launched to ensure that buildings, bridges and other infrastructure were not damaged.

Frankly, we would have let Ice-T have this one. Would it have killed the U.S. Geological Survey to chalk up just one earthquake as the result of a beloved rapper/actor having early morning relations with his wife? Honestly.

(Via Ice-T on Twitter)