‘I’m Speaking!’: Kamala Harris Was Not Having It With Mike Pence’s Repeated Debate Interruptions, And People Are Cheering

The 2020 Vice Presidential debate isn’t turning out to be a total crosstalk-filled disaster like last week’s Trump-Biden confrontation, but it’s not an entirely civil affair. It didn’t take long before Pence (who brought his grody pink eye to the event, which isn’t a great look during our current situation) felt perfectly free to interrupt Kamala multiple times.

Harris wasn’t having it, and she certainly pointed this out. The Democratic candidate (who’s officially the first Black female VP pick) struck back in the most appropriate way: by swiftly and firmly responding, “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking.”

Well, it kept happening, and despite her opponent trying to walk all over her, Harris remained resolute and stood firm with the same response.

As Twitter swiftly noted, Harris appeared to be very prepared for these moments because “MEN LOVE TO SPEAK OVER WOMEN ALL THE DAMN TIME!!!”

As many women will attest, this is indeed an ongoing issue in daily life, so it’s certainly refreshing to see a VP pick push back in front of a global audience. Before long, “I’m speaking” started trending hard in the Twitter sidebar. Even this guy noticed and agreed in his own stylish way.

This might be the only VP debate of the season, but it’s certainly more memorable than the Pence-Kaine meeting from 2016. And the cheers for Kamala continued.