Jack Dorsey Showed Off His Wild Beard During A Senate Hearing, And People Online Had Some Jokes

Imagine having co-invented a platform on which people often make fun of you. That’s one way to look at the life of Jack Dorsey, the much-maligned head honcho of Twitter. There are many reasons to be angry with the internet god, notably his company’s frequent mishandling of sensitive and explosive issues. Or people could simply make fun of the way he looks. And if you wanted a space to do that that would help you reach the largest number of people, you could head to social media service Dorsey helped create.

That’s what happened when Dorsey made a virtual appearance at a Senate hearing on Wednesday. The reason for the occasion? A law known as Section 230, which protects social media companies, notably Twitter and Facebook, from being held accountable for the content posted by users on their services — essentially that they can moderate posts as they see fit. Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg were among the more prominent guests, and they spent the day being grilled and yelled at by, among others, Ted Cruz, who took umbrage with Twitter’s decision to post a recent, contested New York Post exposé about Hunter Biden, son of the Democratic presidential nominee.

As per CNN, things got ugly, early and often. And there were many serious — and, frankly, not that serious — issues raised throughout the hearing. But Twitter users couldn’t get past one thing: the epic facial hair brandished by the service’s CEO.

It’s an impressive thing, Dorsey’s quarantine beard, and depending on where his head was positioned in front of his camera, it often sometimes flowed deep below the frame, as if he was one of the Seven Dwarfs. Other people had other takes.

Or they had memes.

Or just regular jokes.

(Via CNN)