Jaden Smith Dressed Up As ‘Albino Batman’ At Kim And Kanye’s Wedding

The wedding of the $$$ury was about as ridiculous as you’d imagine. Kanye paid Lana Del Rey $2.8 million to perform three songs for Kim; everyone at the reception danced to Montell Jordan and Color Me Badd (Bruce Jenner has been working on his “I Wanna Sex You Up” choreography for months); and Beliebers nearly stormed the gates. But with all due respect to the blushing bride and her distracted husband, the real star of the wedding was Jaden Smith, who came dressed as “albino Batman.”

His apparent buddy Joe Francis was there, too, and I imagine their conversations sounded like Jaden’s tweets. “If the Girls Go Wild, Does That Mean the Boys Are Caged?” Yeah, prolly!