CNN’s Jake Tapper Blasted GOP Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, And Lindsey Graham For Goofing Off During Trump’s Impeachment Trial

The big news networks have been covering Trump’s second impeachment trial all day, which might be why CNN anchor Jake Tapper seems fed up with the childish behavior of some of the GOP senators disrupting the prosecution’s arguments.

Tapper — along with co-hosts Abby Phillip and Dana Bash — was recapping the house manager’s presentation of evidence that places the blame for the Jan. 6th insurrection squarely on Trump’s shoulders when talk turned to why the public wouldn’t be seeing leaders like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Lindsey Graham on camera during the trial. Apparently, the heads of both parties agreed that the reactions of lawmakers wouldn’t be filmed during the hearing. That lack of media scrutiny has emboldened some politicians to behave like, well, bratty teenagers. Mediate has video of the moment; Phillip, Bash, and Tapper did not tread lightly.

“Some of them are explicitly not listening,” Phillip said after detailing how Graham, Hawley, and Cruz might be implicated in the house manager’s arguments. “Feet up on desks, they’re reading books, they’re reading briefing papers on other topics. And they’re doing it intentionally because I guess it gives them plausible deniability with their supporters, that they weren’t even going to take in the information that’s coming to them today.”

That kind of willful ignorance must be a pet peeve for Tapper because he refused to hold back when criticizing these men who, in a way, helped us get here.

“They’re really tough and defiant about the fact that they’re not participating, except that they won’t allow cameras there to show that,” Tapper said. “It’s real easy to be defiant when no one’s looking.”

In fairness, it’s got to be embarrassing to have supported a “Stop The Steal” campaign that ended with your own supporters sacking your place of work. We’re pretty sure that’s what the kids call an “epic fail.”

(Via Mediaite)