Jake Tapper Warned CNN Viewers Not To ‘Get High On Your Own Supply,’ And The Jokes Won’t Stop

No one knows anything for sure tonight in the U.S. except for one thing: this presidential election is a nail-biting event. John King is apparently frustrated with Wolf Blitzer’s excitement, and Martin King Jr.’s daughter is fed up with Mitch McConnell’s victory speech out of Kentucky, and so many states are still too close to call in the Trump-Biden race. We were already in for a long night, and now, we’re in for a long week while waiting for actual results in multiple battleground areas that will post tallies in the days to come. So, when Jake Tapper finally surfaced on CNN’s airwaves around 10:00pm EST, he advised viewers to chill out while waiting.

Then Tapper’s terminology grew more ominous when he declared that Democrats were certainly too optimistic while hoping for a Biden landslide. As he put it, “You can’t get high on your own supply.”

What’s going on with CNN? The analogy’s solid, considering the full quote: “There were a lot of people out there who paid attention to the most Trump-hating pundits out there, who were saying for months that this was going to be a landslide, and as they say, ‘You can’t get high on your own supply.'” Still, it’s an unexpected reference to see on cable news, despite our unusual election circumstances.

Is Tapper a secret Narcos: Mexico fan? Well, that quote probably goes back much further, all the way to Al Pacino’s 1983 turn in the Brian De Palma-directed Scarface remake. And some people are pulling Biggie Smalls’ “10 Crack Commandments” lyrics into this. We’re all looking for some levity here while stressing out, so let’s do this.

Hang in there, everyone.