James Woods Memorialized Pepe Le Pew On Social Media, And It’s Beyond Parody

Conservative actor James Woods was crowned by Family Guy as a “political troll and maniac on Twitter,” and he seems to do everything possible to hold onto that title. Word on the metaphorical street is that Woods ditched Democratic party when Bill Clinton got impeached, although he’s remained a loyal MAGA throughout both Trump impeachments. So, it comes as no surprise that Woods is very upset about the biggest subject to get under right-wing skins this year (just ask Don Jr.), which would be the “cancellation” of characters, and cartoons seem to hit them especially hard.

Woods couldn’t sit back and let his unearthed Rudy Giuliani performance be his biggest pop culture moment this year, so he weighed in on his love of Pepe. The skunk has been excised from the most controversial movie of the year, Space Jam 2, after Dave Chappelle tried to warn us all about Pepe’s rape-culture-embodying manner two decades ago (“Good god, what kind of f*cking rapist is this guy? Take it easy, Pepe!'”), but Woods is here for the skunk fans. Here’s his seemingly sincere, black-and-white tribute (complete with an #RIPPepeLePew) to Pepe’s 1945-2021 pop-culture lifespan.

The “loverboy” spin is really something, right? It’s hard to have too many words in response to this because it’s so darn ridiculous to be upset about Warner Bros. retiring the skunk who refused to accept that “no means no” from a lady, but as one user aptly observed, “The only way we can fix America is by canceling one cartoon a week. They won’t have the energy to focus on anything else.”