James Woods Has Been Locked Out Of His Twitter Account For Violating The Site’s Rules

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Like a lot of men in their 70s, James Woods likes to tweet a lot. So here’s some bad news for the actor: As per AP, He’s been locked out of his Twitter account after a tweet was judged as violating the social media giant’s rules.

In July, Woods — who may or may have officially retired after his agent dumped him over his outspoken conservative views — posted about a meme from a hoax campaign that spread the lie that men are being encouraged not to vote in the upcoming November election. Woods stated in the tweet that it was probably not real.

Cut to three months later, and Woods received an e-mail from Twitter HQ, saying the tweet “has the potential to be misleading in a way that could impact an election.” He was informed that once he deletes the offending tweet, he will be let back in.

But Woods is standing his ground. He told AP by phone he would not delete the tweet.

Woods, who has 1.7 million followers, once quit Twitter, back in 2016, citing what he perceived as the company’s tendency for rabid censorship. He eventually re-joined.

Woods has been nominated for two Oscars, for Best Actor in Oliver Stone’s 1987 drama Salvador, and for Best Supporting Actor in Rob Reiner’s 1996 docudrama Ghosts of Mississippi, in which he played an old racist.

(Via AP)