The Jan. 6th MAGA Insurrectionist Who Was Sad About Getting Kicked Out Of His Wine Club Now Has A Slightly Bigger Problem: Uh, Prison

Noted connoisseur and Jan. 6th insurrectionist Patrick Stedman is going to have to settle for a cheaper version of wine — the kind that comes from a prison toilet.

Stedman, who filmed his participation in the assault on the Capitol, even sharing footage from inside Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office once his fellow MAGA rioters broke in, has been found guilty on all five charges brought against him by the D.C. District Attorney. Stedman’s facing 23 years behind bars and hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties for, among other things, disorderly conduct, illegally entering a restricted building, and obstructing an official proceeding. The New Jersey native was offered a plea deal that would’ve seen his sentence significantly lowered to just a few years with smaller fines but he rejected those offers.

Now, after lamenting the loss of his social life because of his publicized role in the insurrection — he can’t enjoy old wedding videos because he’s not friends with any of his groomsmen and he got kicked out of the wine club his dad founded 40 years ago — Stedman’s going to have to find a new friend group. And, ya know, learn the recipe for prison hooch.

Here was Stedman before the verdict was read, feeling fairly confident after taking the stand in his own defense.

He even encouraged fans to donate to help with his legal fees, offering “masterclasses” in dating and relationship advice in exchange. (Because, of course, this guy is a “men’s coach.”)

But ultimately, it took the jury less than a day to convict him on all counts.

Cheers to you, Pat!

(Via The Retrospect)