Jared Kushner Is Crying ‘Bullsh*t’ While Talking To Megyn Kelly About Reports That He’s The ‘Mar-A-Lago Mole’

Despite his shady dealings behind the scenes during Donald Trump’s administration, Jared Kushner is a pretty mild-mannered guy. One might even say boringly so. (Just see the scathing review of his memoir.) So it was pretty unusual to see Kushner start using profanity during a recent interview with Megyn Kelly.

While discussing the non-stop media circus around Trump, Kushner got particularly incensed about reports that the former president’s 2016 campaign was colluding with Russia. Via Mediaite:

“I’m sitting there and saying ‘We didn’t collude with anybody,’ and I’m seeing the New York Times and CNN and the Washington Post parrot these leaks they’re getting from intel sources, or I don’t know who the hell they’re getting it from, and every time they would write it would be the biggest thing, then people would cover it. And it turned out to all be a bunch of bullshit,” Kushner said.

According to Kushner, the media’s willingness to report anything about Trump became a cottage industry that Michael Cohen, Chris Christie, and Mary Trump capitalized on. And speaking of Mary, Kushner addressed the elephant in the room that he was the “Mar-a-Lago mole” who ratted out his father-in-law.

“So first of all, it’s absolutely not true, categorically, in every way. But I think that’s more of a statement of the sad state of the media, where the more outlandish – especially if it includes me – then the media will write about and create headlines,” Kushner said. Later, he added, “I don’t even think [Mary] said she thought it was the case. She thought it could be the case. So I read the article and I thought, ‘This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.’ But for whatever reason, the media thought it was worth covering.”

(Via Mediaite)