Megyn Kelly Isn’t Into Swinging, But She’d Totally Be Curious Enough To Go There With The Clintons

Boy, Megyn Kelly’s had quite an adventurous last handful of years. She went from dodging Ted Nugent flirtations (such as they were) to standing up to Donald Trump to leaving Fox News, only to have to leave TODAY after some very unsavory remarks. Nowadays, she’s hosting The Megyn Kelly Show on Sirius XM, where things got fairly awkward (with Dave Rubin on hand as guest) when the subject of swinging came up.

This happened (in the above video) at around the 1:50 mark, where Megyn switched the subject to swinging and (via Mediaite) expressed how“[h]ere in Connecticut we did actually find out that there’s a healthy swinging population.” She elaborated upon how this is happening “everywhere,” yet no one has invited herself and her husband, Doug Brunt, to join in the parties. And Megyn also clarified that she wouldn’t be into it, at least partially because “my only belief is that only unattractive people are swingers” and “[i]f you’re very good looking, and you marry another very good looking person, why would you want to swing?”

There would be one sort-of exception for Megyn, and that’s if the Clintons came calling. This was, of course, a joke, but Megyn admitted that she’d be curious enough to at least investigate circumstances if it happened. “If Bill and Hillary ask us to swing, we’re doing it!” Megyn declared. “We’re not going to see it through till the end but we’ll definitely see how far are they going to take it! At what point is this going to get shut down?”

To be fair, Megyn only indulged the Clinton detail because Rubin brought up how the former First Couple is up in New England, too, but Rubin clarified that he wasn’t interested. “You know Bill is definitely maxing out those things right now,” he quipped. “Nobody wants a part of that.” My, what a turn that took.

(Via Mediaite)