Trump Applauds Jay Leno’s Complaint About ‘One-Sided’ Late Night Comedy (While Citing Fox News)

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Donald Trump recently came after SNL, a comedy show, for having the gall to joke about him. “Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC,” the president tweeted in response to a sketch that mocked his “national emergency” over the border wall. “Question is, how do the Networks get away with these total Republican hit jobs without retribution? Likewise for many other shows? Very unfair and should be looked into.” Trump has since turned his attention to late-night talk shows (his attention is usually on television) and how they’re “unwatchable.” If he was referring to a certain someone making guests play “Despacito” with their teeth, yes, but that’s not what Trump meant.

Trump was agreeing with comments made by Jay Leno on Tuesday’s Today show. When asked by Al Roker whether he missed hosting the Tonight Show, Leno replied, “No, it’s different. I don’t miss it. You know, everything now is, if people don’t like your politics, they — everyone has to know your politics.”

“I kind of used [Johnny Carson’s] model. People couldn’t figure out. ‘Well, you and your Republican friends’ or ‘Well, Mr. Leno, you and your Democratic buddies.’ And I would get hate mail from both sides equally. But when people see you as one-sided, it just makes it tough. And plus, I did it when, you know, [Bill] Clinton was horny and [George W.] Bush was dumb, and it was just a little easier.” (Via)

Leno also asked for a “bit of civility [to] come back to it” and that it’s not easy making jokes in the Trump-era, “because the punch line of the joke used to be, ‘That’s like the president with a porn star.’ Well, now the president is with a porn star. Where do you go with that?” You apparently go to Twitter, where the president used Fox and Friends to make a point about TV programming being one-sided, because irony is dead. At least others picked up on the self-own.

(Via The Hill)