Jeff Goldblum Explains Why He Likes Being Called ‘Daddy’ While Eating Spicy Vegan Wings

A giant, open-shirted statue of actor Jeff Goldblum is one thing, but neither it nor anything else like it can compare to the man himself. And to drive this point home, acclaimed star of cinematic classics like The Fly, Jurassic Park and Independence Day appeared on the season finale of First We Feast’s popular web series Hot Ones, in which guests are interviewed while eating some very spicy chicken wings. As one can imagine, Goldblum was ready and willing to make his way through the increasingly spicier array of wings — albeit vegan ones — while discussing everything from his films to the fact that he likes being called “daddy.”

Yes, let that sink in for a minute. Jeff Goldblum doesn’t mind being called “daddy,” whether it’s because he is an actual father (which he is) or not. And that’s totally fine.

This particular topic came up when host Sean Evans asked Goldblum about fan comments on his official Instagram page, including those that call him “daddy.” The actor’s response? “They don’t seem to get unpleasant, from what I’ve gathered,” he said. “It’s sweet. Isn’t that sexy talk? It’s sexy talk. I am a daddy, literally… Sometimes they say ‘zaddy.’ What’s that mean?” When Evans explains that the term typically means a very good-looking “daddy,” Goldblum ate it up. “The spicy daddy. Yeah, sure. I like it. Zaddy!”

The pair discusses a host of other things, like jazz music, the rapper Quavo and fans who don’t always realize that he’s still “doing that acting thing” these days. Yet none of it truly compares to Goldblum’s brief address of the fact that lots of his fans on social media call him “daddy,” “zaddy,” and other similar terms therein. Plus, that particular moment also gifted the world with this GIF of the actor saying “zaddy.”

Via First We Feast on YouTube