Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Has Left Many On Twitter Feeling Suspicious

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The internet is awash in conspiracy theories, the most outlandish of which tend to never slink outside the confines of Reddit and 4chan and the like. But one thing turned everyone into a conspiracy crackpot, and with good cause: The news Saturday morning of Jeffrey Epstein’s death by alleged suicide.

The wealthy financier, who had been arrested on numerous counts of sex trafficking involving underage women, was reportedly found dead in his jail Saturday morning. Sources claimed it was a suicide. But the instant the news broke, just about everybody on Twitter suspected foul play.

Epstein had reportedly been on suicide watch following an earlier incident in late July, in which he’d been found unconscious in a fetal position, with marks on his neck. It wasn’t clear if it was self-inflicted, and many doubted they were.

Epstein was astonishingly well-connected, and names of associates who had been to his party or flown in his plane — dubbed “the Lolita Express” — were many and of unimaginable power. Among those named as possible accomplices: Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz, and Donald J. Trump. The latter had even been accused, back in 2016, of raping a 13-year-old at one of Epstein’s parties.

As such, conspiracy theories came instantly, flooding social media and drowning out any frivolous trending topics, and, in a way, uniting a divided nation. After all, everybody, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, can agree that this smells fishy.

Some stuck to the facts.

Yes, Seth Abramson launched into one of his patented super-threads.

Many simply cried BS.

Others came up with their own original theories.

Some even joked about the conspiracy theories.

There were also a lot of “I’m not a conspiracy theorist,” but chants.

There were also a lot of jokes about how all the Epstein associates were reacting to the news.

Of course, everyone could be wrong and Epstein really did commit suicide in his jail cell while awaiting an almost certainly lengthy prison sentence for crimes he may have committed. Still, with Epstein gone, anyone who may have joined him in his actions may go uninvestigated, unpunished.

There were also calls to ensure that doesn’t happen.